Buffalo Chicken Pizza

by Mary & Christina on March 31, 2012 · 4 comments

Boy oh boy do I have a GOOD RECIPE FOR YOU!!!  A couple of weeks ago, one of my best friends, Jen, made Buffalo Chicken pizza for her husband Adam, Harry, and myself (and herself of course haha).  Anyway- the pizza was SO good…I absolutely loved it! Funny story about that night- Jen is a vegetarian and so she used fake chicken (that actually tasted good if I do say so myself…first experience with that stuff).  Jen made this pizza on a Friday night and Harry is sitting there munching away on his pizza and I could tell he was trying to push the “chicken” to the side at first because it was Friday (aka NO MEAT!) and then I leaned over and said hey babe?  Its fake chicken. you can eat it! hahaha he looked relieved to hear that.  Anywayyyyy where was I? oh yes, the recipe!  Jen told me that she got the recipe from the blog Taste and Tell….it is actually a 30 minute meal Rachel Ray recipe!  When I looked it up online when I got home I was so surprised as to how quick this pizza is to make! It really takes NO TIME AT ALL to make!  Perfect dinner to whip up during the busy week!  And the result makes you appear as if you were a great cook haha.

I actually bought fresh dough from a pizza place in town (many pizza places will sell you raw dough…just ask!) and I used rotisserie chicken (saves time, it is moist, and easy to pull apart…win, win, win).  Oh and also- when you roll out the dough make sure you roll it out on top of some flour AND make sure you put corn meal on your pizza peel (or whatever you use to prepare your pizza on) before placing it into the oven.  I have a pizza stone in my oven that I place the pizza onto…so I used a pizza peel with cornmeal on it and placed the the pizza directly onto the pizza stone in the oven.  But if you have a pizza pan that will work fine, too!  Or if you want to make it EVEN easier- they sell those crusts that are already semi-baked and shaped.  Not as fresh but hey it is still tasty!

Question: what is your favorite kind of pizza? 

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1 Jen April 1, 2012 at 8:11 pm

I love it that you posted about the bcp!! Definitely a favorite of ours as well! So easy and sooooo tasty…even with faux chicken;) xoxo


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