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2015 Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

2015 Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

On Saturday, May 16th, I ran my 7th Half Marathon- the Brooklyn Half Marathon in 1:41:09 (7:43/mi).  This race was a PR (personal record) for me. My previous PR was set in September of 2010 at the Philadelphia Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon- 1:42:32 (7:50/mi).  Looking back on my past Half Marathons, with the exception of three (Brooklyn, Philly Rock ‘n’ Roll 2010 and NYC Half in 2014), I have never really “raced” them.  It is usually part of my Marathon training, so I go faster than my normal pace but not full out.  Last year I ran (and trained for) the NYC Half Marathon in March and ran it in a time of 1:43:38 (7:55/mi).  I am so happy that my time and fitness have improved as much as it has.  Between this race and The New Jersey Marathon, I have been given a much needed boost of confidence.  

As usual, NYRR put on a great show.  For starters, their expo was phenomenal.  It was more like a party, than an expo to be honest.  It outside on a pier overlooking Manhattan.  There was music, beer, wine, games, you name it. It was a really fun time! My dog, Riley, loved it- you should have seen all the attention she got- loving life, she was.  

On the morning of the race, I woke up at 4:15 AM and had a slice of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast with peanut butter and half banana.  I took Uber to the start line (split the fare with someone in my building which ended up being just $20 each). We left at 5:10 AM.  Once I got there I checked my bag, went to the bathroom…the usual! The race started at 7:00 AM so at 6:30 AM I ate a bag of Sport Beans with some water.  The race started around the Brooklyn Museum and proceeded towards the botanical gardens and through Prospect Park (which was a bit hilly).  From there we went straight down Ocean Parkway and finished at Coney Island. How convenient, the photo above is of me in front of Nathan’s Hotdogs!  I felt steady the whole way through (as you can see in my pacing…yay!).  I was tired at the end and ready to finish, but I felt solid which I was happy about. At mile 11, the rain came down pretty hard. It felt good, though, and I kind of felt “hard core”. haha

As I always do to myself, I found myself thinking “you can do better next time” instead of patting myself on the back for a PR. What is wrong with me?! I guess that can be a good thing sometimes, though…always have something to strive for. 


  • 26, 482 runners TOTAL
  • 12, 266 men
  • 14, 216 women
  • Age group 25-29: 6,812 runners total
  • Females in my age group: 4,328 


  • Overall Place: 3,073 (out of 26,482)
  • Gender Place: 608 (out of 14,216)
  • Age Place: 219 (out of 6,812)
  • Age Gender Place: 871 (out of 4,328)


  • Mile 1: 7:48/mi

    Mile 2: 7:46/mi

    Mile 3: 7:34/mi

    Mile 4: 7:36/mi

    Mile 5: 7:36/mi

    Mile 6: 7:46/mi

    Mile 7: 7:22/mi

    Mile 8: 7:35/mi

    Mile 9: 7:40/mi

    Mile 10: 7:37/mi

    Mile 11: 7:43/mi

    Mile 12: 7:48/mi

    Mile 13: 7:38/mi

    Mile 13.1: 7:33/mi

2015 New Jersey Marathon Recap

2015 New Jersey Marathon Recap

Multigrain Loaf

Multigrain Loaf