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How to Make Mozzarella & Burrata

How to Make Mozzarella & Burrata


I don’t know about you, but mozzarella is definitely one of my favorite cheeses. What I like even more than mozzerella is burrata.  Burrata is mozzarella filled with a mixture of cream and mozzarella curd.  The inside of burrata has a soft texture which is so delicious!  When I was visiting Christina in Hoboken, we went to a class at Hudson Table to learn to make mozzarella and burrata.  After the class, Christina and I decided to experiment on our own and test out our mozzarella making skills at her apartment.  

There are 4 key ingredients to making a good mozzarella:





Making mozzarella starts with making your own cheese curd.  If you’re not up for that challenge, you can call around to your local Italian speciality shops who make their own mozzarella to ask if you can purchase some curd.  Buying curd makes the process of making mozzarella very simple and all you really need is a pot, water, salt, and thermometer

Before I go any further explaining how to make mozzarella, let’s talk about a few things like rennet. This is a great site to read more about rennet and to buy rennet but the short answer is rennet is an enzyme that is found in the stomachs of animals.  In Italy, animal rennet is traditionally used; however, in America, we have developed vegetable rennet which Americans typically use when making cheese.

If you try your hand at making mozzarella, I highly recommend that you make burrata.  I found this cool video from DiBruno Bros. in Philadelphia explaining how they make their burrata.  When I made burrata I used curd and heavy cream.  DiBruno’s explains that they mix their curd with heavy cream that has been whipped…I think I will try that method next time to see how that comes out!


The picture below shows how we used the “OK sign” to help formulate our mozzarella into a ball shape! 

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