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Hyannis Half Marathon

Hyannis Half Marathon

This past Sunday, I ran the Hyannis Half Marathon.  It was a beautiful day for this time of the year in Cape Cod…the temperatures were probably in the mid-40’s and the sun was shining bright.  It was quite windy at times though…I think the winds were around 18-20 MPH.  

The cool thing about this race was that it started at 10 AM.  I had so much time in the morning it almost felt weird racing so late.  Boston will also be a late start but it will still be an early trek to the athlete’s village.  I have to say I really enjoyed the later start!  

The other cool thing about this race was that Reena was there!  This was her first time spectating one of my races and she was such a good girl.  Todd and Reena walked pretty far to watch me.  When I ran by them around mile 11, Reena went nuts!  She would not stop crying/barking to see me.  Sorry, Ree…I had a couple more miles to run!  

I am pretty excited about how well this race went.  This race was a PR for me by less than a minute.  My previous PR was 1:36:18 and this time I ran a 1:35:47.  My PR was from 3 years ago so it feels pretty good to know that I’m still capable of running fast times (for me).  After dealing with many different injuries over the past couple of years it feels great to set a PR!  Also, I think this is a pretty good indicator of how training for Boston is going.  Just under 7 more weeks to go!

Throughout the race I felt strong.  I was afraid that I went out too fast as I approached mile 8 and had expected it to be mile 9/10. Things started to get tougher for me just around mile 8 and I knew I had to stay strong mentally.  I thought about how I would feel if I just stopped running and wasn’t able to finish the race (that was never an option but definitely went through my mind for a few seconds)….then I decided I better start thinking more positively.  I was on track to PR and I had to hold on to it.  Giving up wasn’t an option.  I took it one mile at a time which really made things more manageable for me.  Even though mentally I was falling apart a bit, physically I was able to maintain my speed and finish the race strong.  I crossed the line very happy about setting a PR and very happy about how I pushed myself out there and stuck with it to the end.    


Here are my splits from my watch (my watch registered 13.22 miles):

mile 1- 7:22

mile 2- 7:15

miles 3: 7:13

mile 4: 7:18

mile 5: 7:22

mile 6: 7:14

mile 7: 7:13

mile 8: 7:22

mile 9: 7:10

mile 10: 7:12

mile 11: 7:18

mile 12: 7:13

mile 13: 7:13

.22: 6:21



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